What is land flipping?

At it’s core, land flipping is the process of buying land at a discount and selling it for more. I never try to glorify any concept when it can be reduced to simple terms…land flippers are essentially pawn shop owners for land.

While that might not sound as “sexy” as owning a Vacant Land Acquisition, Development, and Sales company, it is truly what all of us are doing. There are over 150 MILLION parcels of land in the United States and many of those parcels are owned by people that aren’t using them and don’t have any future plans to use them.

That’s where we come in.

We are able to, through various marketing strategies, go direct to the owners of these pieces of land and give them a fair offer to purchase their land with the intent to resell it. I always make sure that my potential sellers know that we will not be able to give them top dollar for their land (I encourage them to talk to a realtor if that’s what they’re looking for), BUT what we can give them is a quick and seamless close, cash for their land, and no headaches having to deal with the pain of the listing process.

There are plenty of disposition strategies that you can effectively utilize when you are flipping land (value add, development, etc.), but for the basic flip all you have to do is partner with a local realtor and put it on the market at or below market price.

It truly is a fun business where you’re able to help and create value for so many individuals and other businesses through the entire pipeline of the deal.

Reach out to me if you’re ready to learn more and get started flipping land!

-Mason McDonald