My Story

The journey I call my own.

I grew up in a family where the expectation was to get the most degrees you could, find the best job at the best company, and work there until you retire.

I followed along that path throughout my high school career and as I began my undergraduate education at Baylor University. I had always had the goal to be a physician, but as I entered my senior year of college, I decided to pivot. I completed my education at Baylor University with a BS in Neuroscience but instead of going to medical school, I went to Trinity University to get my MS in Healthcare Administration.

I had determined that while I enjoyed helping people, I had too much of a business and entrepreneurial mindset to be a physician so I decided to go to school to learn the business of healthcare.

After completing my Masters Degree and beginning my career, it took me 3 years to rise to the “top” and become CEO of a hospital in Colorado Springs. Despite becoming one of the youngest CEOs in my company’s history, I did not feel fulfilled in my career. I did not feel like I was helping as many people as I could, I was tired of the business of healthcare, the stress of the job was deteriorating my health, and I was working all the time.

Throughout my whole career I had always been educating myself about personal finance and real estate, but it was not until I took action by investing in raw land, that my life changed.

I was able to leave my job as a CEO, start and maintain my own company, replace and surpass my income, and live the life that I felt I deserved to be living. Let me help you do the same.

I am here to help everyone, but especially healthcare workers, learn how to become financially free.