I truly enjoy helping people discover their potential.

Land Course

$99 /month

This is a video course that walks through all the steps of my land flipping business. Along with the videos that show you all the steps to create, manage, and scale a land flipping business, you will get access to the systems I use everyday to succeed, standard operating procedures (SOPs) I use in my business, and access to twice monthly coaching calls.

Are you a self-starter and fast learner but just need someone to show you the steps to succeed? Then this is the service for you!

Hourly Consulting

1 hour


This is a service that is billed by the hour for individuals that already have an established land acquisition and sales company. Have you started a company and feel lost or feel like you’re spending too much money and not getting deals? Do you feel like you know the basics but need help improving systems?

Then this is the service for you! I will utilize my extensive training in process improvement and knowledge of the industry to assess your business and provide recommendations to improve it.

1x1 Coaching

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With this service, you get the opportunity to receive 1×1 individualized coaching with me. You will get access to the Land Course and all the materials associated with it, but you will have me walking you through the business through 1×1 video calls. Essentially, you get to have me hold your hand as you create your own 6 or 7 figure land business. You will receive approximately 12 one-hour coaching calls, unlimited messaging via email, assistance in market selection, deal reviews, and financing strategy.

This is limited to a maximum of 2 clients/month and is reserved only for individuals that have a successful track record in business or their career.