Investment Opportunities

GroundUp Fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to achieve annualized returns of 9% and 11% with commitment terms of 2 and 5 years, respectively. We leverage our extensive network to acquire deeply discounted, shovel-ready land across the United States.

Each property undergoes rigorous due diligence and comparable market analysis to ensure a strong investment thesis. GroundUp utilizes a strategic joint venture model with established acquisition partners nationwide. These partners source deals, which we meticulously vet.

Upon approval, a joint venture agreement is formed, securing the deed for GroundUp while offering our partners a share of the profits upon successful resale. Our meticulous underwriting and advantageous joint venture structures provide investors with a high degree of capital protection.

The fragmented and inefficient nature of the land development financing landscape, characterized by lending limitations, presents GroundUp with a unique opportunity to establish itself as the preeminent capital partner for developers and land investors nationwide.